Sunday, December 19, 2010

problem..problem..please just go away~

ello people!!:) ok2..i am not mr saiful rahim..hahaha~..this is his gf..ececeh...gedik di situ~..

why am i posting sumthing here??because the owner himself wants me to jot sumthing down inside his is goes nothing~..

i want to tell about my undieing problem which will never see any solution at the of the tunnel..haih~...

i,myself a student..borrowing books is really common among students like me...but what if u lost it??if library,u have to pay right??but in my case i have to reprint the copy...hahaha~..congratulation adibah!!:( to find the other copy was started..i've search in library..cannot see the copy because it have to be scanning or i-dont-know-what-it-called thing..huuu~..then i went to search in the programme wasn't there either...urgh...this is serious guys!!!!

whut is the H*** i shud do??:(

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